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Examples of our projects


Luminor Bank AS

Since 2017, we have been cooperating with our ambitious partner Luminor Bank, which was created in the same year by merging the branches of the Baltic banks Nordea and DNB. In order to reach customers with our products and introduce the brand of the newly created bank, we developed an outdoor sales concept and put together a strong and ambitious sales team in Estonia. Thereby, we have helped bring the Luminor idea to tens of thousands of customers, achieving desired sales goals and market share growth.

Elisa Eesti AS

Elisa Eesti is Estonia's largest provider of telecom and TV services and the second largest fixed internet connection provider in the private customer sector. In order for Elisa to continue to triumph in the private customer market, we have helped them find thousands of new customers with our powerful sales team, both in shopping centers and door-to-door.

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In January 2013, the Estonian electricity market opened to free market, and all electricity consumers had the opportunity to choose which electricity supplier to buy electricity from. We helped one of the more ambitious electricity sellers, Elektrum Eesti, implement a market-grabbing sales strategy, through which it was possible to win a very large market share and over 30,000 customers in the following years. Elektrum Estonia's brand recognition also increased significantly through hundreds of thousands of direct contacts across Estonia. In addition, we also carried out a sales promotion at several events and fairs in different parts of Estonia.

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